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Our staff represent a broad range of disciplines, offer quality teaching and supervision and undertake invaluable research.

Dr Nicholas Bannan
Music and liturgy; music in medieval life

Dr Michael Barbezat
Religious ideologies; medieval conceptions of society and geography; identity studies; medieval historiography; medieval literature; history of emotions

Dr Andrew Broertjes
Medieval political history; Wars of the Roses; nationalism

Professor Susan Broomhall
Women and gender; history of emotions; material culture; cultural contact; heritage of the early modern world

Associate Professor Steve Chinna
Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre and performance; creative writing for stage and screen; postmodern and modern theatre

Dr Clare Davidson
Middle English literature, Chaucer, history of emotions, fourteenth-century mystical texts, desire and arousal in medieval literature

Dr Kirk Essary
Sixteenth-century intellectual and religious history; classical tradition; history of the Bible; Erasmus; Calvin; history of emotions

Dr Marina Gerzic
Shakespeare and Shakespearean pedagogy; film and adaptation theory; music in film; cultural studies; comics and graphic novels; children’s literature

Dr Paul Gibbard
Eighteenth-century French literature; early modern intellectual history; travel, science and the emotions

Professor Andrew Lynch
Literature and culture of later medieval England (English, French and Latin); medievalism; post-medieval reception and imaginative recreation of the middle ages; war in medieval literature; history of emotions; modern Irish literature and Australian poetry

Dr Robin Macdonald
Colonial histories; cultural exchange; seventeenth-century New France; history of emotions; laughter; gender history; bodies

Dr Alicia Marchant
The history of heritage; history of emotions; dark tourism; antiquarianism; medieval and early modern European history; Tasmanian history; emotional geographies.

Dr Joanne McEwan
British social history; gender history; crime and punishment; early modern women’s support networks; histories of family, household, community; history of emotions

Dr Paul Megna
History of emotions; ethics; Middle English literature; medievalism

Professor John Melville-Jones
Ancient coinage; Byzantine and Venetian historiography

Dr Susanne Meurer
Art historiography, prints and printmaking, Northern Renaissance and Baroque

Dr Jane-Heloise Nancarrow
3D reproduction and visualisation for museums and heritage; material translation of classical world in the middle ages; Apulian architecture of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II

Dr Lesley O'Brien
Late medieval English religious history, Reformation, church-state relations

Dr Katrina O’Loughlin
Eighteenth-century literature; women’s travel writing; history of emotions; sociability and sociality

Professor Alistair Paterson
Archaeology; Dutch shipwrecks; maritime archaeology; museum collections

Dr Brid Phillips
Shakespeare, history of emotions, medieval and early modern literature

Dr Sally Quin
Women artists in early modern Italy; Giorgio Vasari and early modern artist biographies; Renaissance and Baroque in contemporary art

Dr Ciara Rawnsley
Shakespeare, fairy tales, history of emotions, New Fortune Theatre

Professor Richard Read
European art history, particularly word-image oppositions, complex images in global contexts, European Grand Tour, Romantic art criticism, European origins of American and Australian landscape painting, medieval and Renaissance aspects of nineteenth-century and modernist art and art theory.

Dr Anne Scott
Iconography of poverty in medieval literature and art; poverty in the medieval and early modern periods; medieval penitential manuals

Dr Giovanni Tarantino
Early modern intellectual history; affective cartography; history of toleration; whiteness studies; comparative religion; history of emotions

Dr Stephanie Tarbin
Late medieval and early modern social history; history of gender and sexualities; history of families and households; urban history; history of emotions; special interests include moral regulation, masculinities and children’s experiences

Associate Professor Jacqueline Van Gent
History of gender, body and the self in early modern Europe; cultural exchange; gender and religious change in Australia; history of emotions

Dr Arvi Wattel
Italian Renaissance art and architecture; early modern courts of northern Italy; Dutch-Asian cultural exchange in the seventeenth century

Dr Bob Weston
Seventeenth to nineteenth century European medical history

Professor Bob White
Shakespeare; Shakespearean cinema; Renaissance literature; pacifism and human rights in literature and film history; history of emotions

Associate Professor Suzanne Wijsman
Medieval musical iconography; medieval Hebrew manuscript artwork production and materiality; Jewish-Christian interactions in medieval visual cultures; history of the cello and early violin family; historically informed performance of pre-modern music


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