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Moved Readings

The Renaissance Moved Reading Project invites you to read plays from the English Renaissance period on the New Fortune Theatre stage.

Plays will be drawn from material being studied in early modern undergraduate and Honours units, but the readings are open to all. Every play in the programme will be read with the help of willing students, staff, friends and family. No experience is required, as the readings will take place with script in hand! We hope to provide a dynamic learning space that creates a fun and entertaining experience for anyone who has an interest in early modern drama, acting, theatre studies, or watching colleagues perform outside their comfort zone.

Exploring the characters, the emotions, the words, and the action through an embodied reading allows all participants to explore the text in an exciting and creative way. It will open up ideas about how action and movement expresses emotion. Entrances and exits become more significant and participants can see how the physical environment can affect relationships between characters. The significance of any stage directions also becomes more apparent. This is a great opportunity to read the play in the company of others. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring a cushion (although we would rather you were treading the boards!).

All sessions will take place on the New Fortune stage unless otherwise advertised. Copies of the text will be provided for all readers (actors!) on the stage so just turn up!

Dr Steve Chinna is the Staging Director. He has previously conducted workshops, staged scenes and presented his adaptation of Titus Andronicus on the New Fortune Stage.

For further information, contact the Project Director Dr Bríd Phillips.

2018 Programme

  • Thursday, 22nd March 4pm, Romeo and Juliet (look especially at the doubling of actors!), by William Shakespeare
  • Thursday, 26th April 4pm, Hamlet (think bad quarto not revered folio!), by William Shakespeare
  • Thursday, 17th May 4pm, The Tempest (mind your Ps and Cues!), by William Shakespeare
  • Thursday, 11th October 4pm, King Lear, by William Shakespeare

2017 Programme

  • Thursday, 10th August  4pm,  Doctor Faustus (a diabolical opener), by Christopher Marlowe
  • Wednesday, 6th September 4pm, Demon’s Land, brought to us by Professor Simon Palfrey (University of Oxford). This is a modern adaptation of The Faerie Queene, with the author present.
  • Thursday, 12th October 4pm, Antony and Cleopatra, by William Shakespeare
  • Thursday, 26th October 4pm, Titus Andronicus (the chopped version!), by William Shakespeare

The Renaissance Moved Reading Project is supported by the UWA Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (CMEMS) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, Europe 1100‒1800 (CHE).


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